Charles Marduk Productions – Visuals


Visuals are incredibly important to music marketing and the branding process as a content creator. Here you will find original music videos, clips from my YouTube channel, and reel of videos I’ve posted to Tik Tok. Check back for more updates on music videos and other visual content.


Music Videos

Music videos are vital to connecting with an audience and exposing yourself to new fans. My visual style is much like my sound. I like weird stock footage, whacked-out visual effects, and a grainy lo-fi aesthetic to accompany my music. Below you will find individual visuals for each of the beats I have for sale on my website and I will have videos for my original music coming soon.



Tik Tok

Follow me on Tik Tok @charlesmarduk. I post videos several times a week to entertain fans and expose myself to new audiences. There, you will find sample challenges, music production tips, album reviews, memes, and more. Tik Tok is an exciting new platform with a whole host of applications for artists and content creators. Tik Tok is the place to go if you’re looking to promote a new song or give your audience an inside look into your creative process. It’s such a new platform with room to experiment and have new people check out your content who normally wouldn’t be exposed to your work.


As the internet’s 2nd largest search engine, YouTube offers creators an endless way to produce content and get discovered. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more long-form content, music videos, beat videos behind the scenes footage, and more. Below is a video that I recorded breaking the inspiration and songwriting process that went into my debut EP Fever Dreams. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with new video drops or join my email list to get notifications sent directly to you.